Monday, 30 January 2012

Tower of Gnaritas

Some concepts that I'm working on.

1 hr speed concept painting

Every Monday (well most Mondays) we have a quick 1 hour concept painting sessions.
These are from the past weeks. 

We had to pick a vehicle and turn it into a dragon.
I picked a submarine and decided to bring some killer whale elements to it.

This one was suppose to be a heavy infantry design.
I derived the design from a gorilla and kind of fused it with a crab.
I also did a Zbrush sculpture of this.

This one was suppose to be a canine mechanical/cybernetic silent killer.
Everyone was doing something that looked like a wolf.
I decided to do something different with the concept.
I derived the form from the wolf's fang and repeated the shapes all over.

Soldier in Iraq

Inspired by Battlefield 3.

Arabian Blue Coats

What if a Middle-Eastern country had an army like the English Red Coats?