Monday, 28 March 2011


Mask design that I did for a school project.
I was playing Bioshock at the time and I was quite inspired by the story.
I am kind of lousy at telling stories, but here's a go:
The story behind it is that there's this evil scientist (of course!) who wanted to be invincible.
So, he made this mask(?) and put his brain into it.
This mask roams deep under the ocean seeking body to inject its tentacle-like needles into the body in order to control the body.

Figure Drawings Update

Clothed figure with brown conte.

 Clothed figure with black conte.

Spent a good  3~4 hours on this trying to make it photo realistic!

Quick 1~5 minute charcoal studies:

B&W studies

Studies that I did for CGMW master class with James Paick.
I really really need to work on detailing up and adding small edges.
Not really happy at all with the results...
And I felt quite rushed as I spent the majority of time scribbling to decide what I wanted to draw.

Magazine Page Design

A possible magazine page for Food & Wine magazine.
School project.

All photos taken by myself.

Pulp Fiction Bookcovers

Landscape Studies

These are all from my first few attempts at digital painting.


I had a pulp fiction project in my class. This is a little practice for my "pulpy" painting.
I am still trying to figure out the digital media.


A scene from my dream.

Traditional "Stuff"

 Mmm.. Apples!


 Some practicing with pastel.
Used a photo.


Tried to be a little abstract in shape language.

Something pretty and quick. With watercolor.

Played around with different mediums.
Used colored pen for the background.
Oil for the hair, markers for the cyborg parts, and water color for the reflected face.

 Ugh hate the reflection... I should go back and re-shoot some of these!


Figure drawing with Conte. 

Drawing hands.


From Sep, 2010.
Just some random sketch.

From Nov, 2010.
 I don't really like this character... I think the design came out quite corny!